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K Cash Supreme As a brand of K Cash Limited, it introduces leading financial technology innovation products and ai intelligent approval, tailor-made loan solutions for civil servants and professionals, and provides one-stop platform support, so that you can enjoy simplicity, excellence and professionalism loan services.

New customers can enjoy up to 20% interest rebate*

Apply Now
20 %
New customer interest rebate up to*
5 Million
Maximum loan amount**
$ 0
Early repayment penalty
24 Hour
Free cash
*The offer is subject to terms and conditions, please contact K Cash customer service manager for details.
**Or 30 times the monthly salary (whichever is lower).
For any financial needs, we will provide best loan solutions
Extra large personal loan and card number integration
Extra large personal loan and card number integration

A professional will tailor a loan plan for you to provide a plan with reduce interest expenses and restructure your credit rating.

Loan amount up to thirtyfold monthly salary or HKD $5 million (whichever is lower)
The annual interest rate is as low as 10% and the repayment period up to 60 months
Early repayment zero penalty interest, zero handling fee
Specialist on behalf of the customer, support pays all card debt, transction and aviod queuing
Express private property loan
Express private property loan

As long as you hold a property and have turnover needs. There will be specialist follow up the loan application process and help you cash out with the most beneficial loan plan.

The loan amount is calculated based on the property valuation
Early repayment with zero interest penalty
The application is simple, AI speedly approve around 15 minutes
No processing fees, legal fees and valuation fees
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Full range of customer service support
AI big data help you tailormake the best plan of actual annual interest rate, introduce a new application program for precise calculation, design the most suitable loan plan for you, and give you flexibility repayment time schedule
instant chat

K Cash customer service can answer all kinds of loan questions for you immediately during office hours. Welcome to whatsapp message and we will help you solve your problems.

Only Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above can apply for a loan. The applicant must authorize K Cash to obtain your latest credit report for loan approval.

Business hours Please wait for office hours
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 19:00
Saturday 09:00 - 13:00
Closed on Sundays and public holidays
Start conversation with Whatsapp message
Pleaes leave infomration and officer will reply soon

We understand your busyness and various needs, please leave your contact number and convenient time, we will content and solve your various.

All information collected will be kept confidential and will only be used for loan application purposes.

Application conditions

Meet one of the following items to become a K Cash Supreme customer. Enjoy a series of priority services and exclusive benefits, including priority appointments for personal consulting services and birthday gifts, etc.

Civil service loan type
Civil servant
Professional loan type
Monthly salary hkd $40,000 or above
Monthly salary hkd $40,000 or above
Civil service loan type
Civil servant
Professional loan type
Monthly salary hkd $40,000 or above
Monthly salary hkd $40,000 or above

^Professionals include but are not limited to chartered/practicing accountants, chartered architects, chartered engineers, solicitors, doctors, actuaries and chartered surveyors.
The company reserves the right of final interpretation of the definition of professionals. Customers who claim to be professionals or selected customers must submit proof of designated profession/occupation at the time of application in order to enjoy the interest rate discount.

Exclusively for K Cash Supreme customers
Provide one-stop excellent quality service

Branch address Tsim Sha Tsui - Shop ETS7, East Tsim Sha Tsui station, Kowloon MTR (near MTR exit J)
(exclusively for K Cash Supreme customers only)
Inquiry +852 21111 211
Professional loan with high level of privacy
High level of privacy

K Cash provide one-on-one consulting services and a private consulting center for Supreme customers.

Loans for professionals great location
Great location

It is located in the MTR lobby of East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station with convenient transportation, allowing you to complete loan service inquiries and applications during lunch time.

Professional help to solve financial problems

The people in my family are seriously ill, and keep repeating with the cost of treatment is extremely high.

Loan amount
Annual interest rate
Repayment period
Monthly payment

- Mr. Chan Educator

Low interest rate clearing card debt, which saving interest

I spent a lot of money for my own and overdraft card limited. I also applied loan from a finance company, loan amounted up to $570,000 included interest.

Loan amount
Annual interest rate
Repayment period
Monthly payment

- Miss Li, accountant

One-time clear loans and card debts

Normally, there is no pressure for credit cards and small personal loans. But just now, as a newlyweds we need money for everything, at the same time, the only way to do is keep apply loans. I really can't figure it out. I want to say thank you to K Cash commissioner who listened my case carefully and helped me plan the loan plan. i borrowed tens of thousands and let me pay it back over 60 months. i finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Loan amount
Annual interest rate
Repayment period
Monthly payment

- Mr. Guan, civil servant

3-step self-service loan

Instant cash withdrawal from K Cash ATMs in hong kong
* Previoud advertment
Only take 5 minutes to complete the application
Prepare your Hong Kong identity card, income and address proof, and contribution bank account information, and start your loan application via online.

15 minutes AI instant approval
Ai speeds up the approval and real-time calculation of loan plans, and the loan can be confirmed by signing the contract online.

7/24 cash withdrawal
Self-service cash withdrawal, instant cash through smart teller machines.
branches all over Hong Kong


What Loan services dowes K Cash Supreme provide?
K Cash
What documents are required to apply for K Cash supreme online loan?
You can apply with simple documents, including Hong Kong Permanent resident Identity card, proof of mailing address within the last three months and bank records.
What fees does K Cash Supreme charge? Are there any hidden charges other than interest on the loan?
K Cash will never charge any hidden fees such as application fees, guarantee fees, photocopying fees, referral fees and all handling fees are free.
Is my personal data safe? How does K Cash Supreme handle customers' personal data and privacy?
K Cash attaches great importance to customer privacy, with multiple firewalls and strict privacy protection procedures. Personal and account information of K Cash Supreme are kept strictly confidential and safe. We are committed to protecting the personal data of all customers by complying with the requirements of the personal data (privacy) ordinance and the relevant codes of practice and guidelines issued by the office of the privacy commissioner for personal data.
How to become a K Cash Supreme customer?
As long as you are a civil servant, a professional or a monthly salary of 40,000 or above, you can become a K Cash Supreme customer.
What does the evaluation of K Cash Supreme personal loan refer to?
K Cash Supreme will check your personal credit report for reference.
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K Cash loan Application