K Cash Supreme Premier personal loan
K Cash Supreme Premier personal loan
K Cash Supreme Premier personal loan

K Cash Supreme
Premier personal loan

K Cash Supreme is a brand under K Cash Limited that brings innovative technology products and AI-powered approval systems. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of civil servants and professionals, offering tailored loan solutions and providing a comprehensive platform for support. With K Cash Supreme, you can enjoy a seamless, exceptional, and professional loan service experience

20 %
New customer interest rebate up to*
5 Million
Maximum loan amount**
$ 0
Early repayment penalty
24 Hours
7x24 AI Loans
*The offer is subject to terms and conditions, please contact K Cash customer service manager for details.
**Or 30 times the monthly salary (whichever is lower).
Easy Loan Solutions for All Your Funding Needs
Large Personal Loans & Credit Card Consolidation
Large Personal Loans & Credit Card Consolidation

Tailor-made loan solutions by professionals to help you reduce interest expenses and rebuild your credit rating.

Loan amount up to 30 times your monthly salary or HK$5,000,000 (whichever is lower)
Repayment period of up to 60 months
No penalty & handling fees for early repayment
Dedicated personnel to handle all credit card payments, eliminating the need for queuing and complicated transfer procedures
Express Personal Property Loan
Express Personal Property Loan

If you own a property and require funds for liquidity, we will provide full support, offering the most favorable loan solution to help you realize the value of your property.

No penalty for early repayment
Simple application process with approval in as fast as 15 minutes
No handling fees, legal fees, or valuation fees.
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Comprehensive Customer Service Support
Utilizing big data, we customize the actual annual interest rate to suit your specific needs. Through the implementation of innovative applications and precise calculations, we design personal loan programs that offer optimal flexibility in repayment.
Instant Chat

K Cash customer service is available during office hours to provide real-time assistance with any loan-related inquiries. Feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp to help you resolve any questions or concerns you may have.

Only Hong Kong permanent residents who are at least 18 years old are eligible to apply for a loan. Applicants are required to authorize K Cash to obtain their most recent credit report for loan approval purposes.

Business hours Please wait for office hours
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 19:00
Closed on Sundays and public holidays
Start conversation with Whatsapp message
Please leave information and officer will reply soon

We understand that you have a packed schedule and various needs. Please leave your contact number and convenient time, and we will call during our available time to assist you with any loan-related requirements.

All information collected will be kept confidential and will only be used for loan application purposes.

Application Conditions

To become a K Cash Supreme customer, you only need to meet one of the following criteria. By doing so, you can enjoy a range of priority services and exclusive privileges, including priority booking of personal advisory services and birthday treats:

Civil service loan type
Civil servant
Professional loan type
Monthly salary of HK$40,000 or above
Monthly salary of HK$40,000 or above
Civil service loan type
Civil servant
Professional loan type
Monthly salary of HK$40,000 or above
Monthly salary of HK$40,000 or above

^The definition of professionals includes, but is not limited to, chartered/practicing accountants, chartered architects, chartered engineers, lawyers, doctors, actuaries, and chartered surveyors. K Cash reserves the right to make the final interpretation of the definition of professionals. Customers who claim to be professionals or preferred clients must submit designated professional/occupational proof during the application process in order to enjoy preferential interest rates.

Tailored Exclusively for K Cash Supreme Customers
Experience One-Stop Excellence Service

Branch address Tsim Sha Tsui - Shop ETS7, East Tsim Sha Tsui station, Kowloon MTR (near MTR exit J)
(exclusively for K Cash Supreme customers only)
Inquiry +852 21111 211
Professional loan with high level of privacy
High Privacy Protection

Dedicated private consultation centre providing one-on-one consulting services exclusively for Supreme customers.

Loans for professionals great location
Prime Location

Situated near the commercial district, located in the lobby of the East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station with convenient transportation. Allowing you to conveniently inquire and apply for loan services during your lunch break.

Personalized Assistance in Resolving Financial Issues

Facing high medical expenses due to a severe illness in the family, I had borrowed HK$1,650,000 from six different financial companies. Managing the monthly repayments for all six loans became burdensome, with high interest rates adding to the challenge. Seeking a solution to consolidate my loans, I was fortunate to find K Cash. They quickly analyzed my situation, contacted me with a dedicated representative, and offered a loan plan spanning 60 months for repayment.

Loan Amount
Annual Interest Rate
Repayment period
Monthly Payment

- Mr. Chan Educator

Saving a Significant Amount on Interest with Low-Interest Settlement

Due to reckless spending, I accumulated substantial credit card debt and borrowed a total of HK$570,000 from various financial companies. Thankfully, I came across K Cash, which offers specialized loans for professionals. Within a day of submitting my information, I received a loan offer of HK$650,000. After signing the contract, K Cash assisted me in settling my debts with other financial institutions, providing a convenient solution to my financial challenges.

Loan Amount
Annual Interest Rate
Repayment period
Monthly Payment

- Miss Li, Accountant

Clearing All Loans & Credit Card Balances in One Go

Normally, managing credit card payments and small personal loans posed little pressure for me. However, after recently getting married, expenses seemed to pile up from every direction, leaving me no choice but to continuously borrow money to cover them. Unfortunately, I found myself unable to handle the situation. I am incredibly grateful to the attentive K Cash representative who patiently listened to my concerns and helped me devise a loan plan. They provided me with a loan of over a million, allowing me to repay it over 60 months. Finally, I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Loan Amount
Annual Interest Rate
Repayment period
Monthly Payment

- Mr. Guan, Civil Servant

3-step self-service loan

Instant cash withdrawal from K Cash VTMs in Hong Kong
* Previoud advertment
5 minutes to complete the application
Prepare your HKID, income and address proof, repayment bank account information, and start your loan application online.

15 minutes AI instant approval
AI speeds up the approval and real-time calculation of loan plans, and the loan can be confirmed by signing the contract online.

7/24 cash withdrawal
Instantly withdraw cash through our smart ATMs and branches across Hong Kong.


What loan services does K Cash Supreme provide?
K Cash Supreme provides large personal loans, credit card debt consolidation loans, property owner loans, and 80% debt settlement.
What documents do I need to submit when applying for a loan with K Cash Supreme online?
You only need to submit simple documents to apply, including a Hong Kong permanent resident identity card, proof of residential address dated within the last three months, and bank statements.
What fees does K Cash Supreme charge? Are there any hidden fees other than the loan interest?
K Cash Supreme does not charge any hidden fees such as application fees, guarantee fees, photocopy fees, or referral fees. Additionally, there are no handling fees. For all applications, regardless of being canceled, rejected, or approved for a loan, there are no charges as long as the loan is not accepted in the end. We also do not pursue or impose any fees or charges related to negotiations or the granting of loans. There are absolutely no hidden fees beyond the loan interest, and our terms are highly transparent. What you see is what you get, with complete clarity.
Is my personal information secure? How does K Cash Supreme handle customer's personal data and privacy?
K Cash takes the privacy of its customers very seriously, with multiple firewalls and stringent privacy protection procedures, all personal data and account information are kept strictly confidential and secure. We are committed to protecting the personal data of all our customers by complying with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and the relevant codes of practice and guidelines issued by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for personal data.
How do I become a Cash Supreme customer?
You can become a K Cash Supreme customer if you are a civil servant, a professional or have a monthly salary of HK$40,000 or above.
What does K Cash Supreme look for in a personal loan appraisal?
K Cash Supreme will review your personal credit report for reference.
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