Declaration for Online Loan Application and Submission of Required Documents:

  1. I hereby apply for a loan from K Cash Limited (hereinafter referred to as "K Cash"). To demonstrate my ability to repay the loan and to facilitate K Cash in providing the loan, I declare that the information provided on the application form and the documents to be submitted (including but not limited to identification documents, bank account proof) are true and accurate. I understand that K Cash will assess my loan application based on the information (including the required documents) disclosed by me. I also confirm that I have obtained the consent of any relevant third parties to disclose their personal information.
  2. Furthermore, I agree that K Cash may inquire and verify the accuracy of the information with any relevant parties. I also understand that this application form (including the required documents) is the property of K Cash and will be kept by them regardless of approval.
  3. I agree that K Cash has the right to request additional information and documents from me to support my loan application.
  4. I acknowledge that K Cash has the final right to decide whether to approve the loan application, including the loan amount, without providing any reasons.
  5. I hereby declare that I currently do not have any outstanding debts with any financial institutions. I declare that I am not currently bankrupt or have been bankrupt in the past. I have no intention to apply for bankruptcy, and to the best of my knowledge, there are no ongoing bankruptcy proceedings related to me.
  6. I understand that online transactions are a new and rapidly evolving information technology product. Therefore, I understand that the technology used in online transactions may have certain limitations and may not meet all of my requirements. I understand that K Cash will make every effort to keep my personal information confidential, but K Cash shall not be held liable for any claims, losses, or damages arising from unauthorized disclosure of my personal information.
  7. I agree that K Cash may retain records of online and telephone loan transactions, and such records shall be considered valid legal documents and binding on me.
  8. I have read and agreed to the "Personal Data Collection Statement" and "Privacy Policy Statement" online, and I agree to all the statements and terms contained in the loan application form, and I agree to comply with and fulfill the relevant terms and provisions.
  9. I understand and accept the contents of this declaration, and I confirm the submission of the form and the required documents to be true and accurate.